3 Effective Ways to Save When Hiring A DJ


Music brings people at an event together! It provides the perfect excuse to dance, fills in the gaps of lagging conversation, and gives a great atmosphere in your perfect venue. With it being so important, there’s no way around it: you need the perfect DJ. But don’t overpay to get one! Below are five ways to save when you go to hire a DJ for your event.

  1. Use friends, family, or college kids


    This isn’t your cousin’s chance to prove he’s the next Calvin Harris. However, it is a great way to save money. If you know someone who’s in your next work and is decent on a turntable, give them a shot and see what they have to offer. Not to mention if you look to hire a college kid, depending on their major, they could put it on their resume. It could be a great pairing of savings for you and experience for them!

  2. Choose a wedding day that isn’t during peak season

    Most weddings take place on a Friday or Saturday, but if a different day works for you then it could be in your favor. Often, when it’s not a DJ’s most-booked day, they’ll offer a discount for those who book with them on a weekday or even a Sunday. Keep that in mind as you set your date!

  3. Watch out for overtime charges

    When you say and pay to have your DJ for four hours, keep it at that. If you go overtime, you could be paying a heftier charge than you would like, and it could bust your budget in the process. Set a time and don’t go over it.

Did you appreciate these tips and ways of saving on a DJ? If so, share with friends and family so they too can save on their next party planning venture!

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