5 Birthday Cubicle Decorations For Your Office Bestie’s Birthday

Cubicle work life is the perfect venue to show your work bestie how much you care. Have a little fun and liven up that office buzz of fluorescent lights! Below, we’ve put together five awesome ways to decorate their cubicle on their birthday!

  1. Make them shine

    Not all cubicles are created equal, and especially not on your bestie’s birthday. Bring all eyes on them and make them shine with a streamer and balloon display that can be seen in 360 degrees. Sure, it may make your friend blush, but they deserve to stand out today!
  2. Give the gift of pretty

    Those grey little squares are where you take on conquering your career goals, but who doesn’t miss a little outdoor time or whimsical fun while at work? This shabby-chic look is simple, but oh so charming. They will love the effortless beauty that it will bring to their space.
  3. Go with garland

    Maybe your friend wouldn’t love the whole office knowing it’s their birthday, or your boss won’t let you hang balloons from the ceiling. Either way, you want to show your bestie that you remembered and that you care! Take some classic garland inside their cubicle to jazz it up with a little gift to make them smile. It’ll brighten their day every time they look at the pretty decor you placed just for them.
  4. Can’t go wrong with cupcakes

    Not only are cupcake delicious and adorable, but they can also make a super-cute birthday display. Place them in your friends cubicle with some personalized touches and watch their face light up when they walk into work. One of the best things about cupcakes is being able to personalize them to your friend’s taste with the flavor and style with the decorations.
  5. Use what you got

    This is perfect for the friends with a sense on humor and appreciation for effort. You’re decorating their office space, so have you ever thought of using office supplies, like post-its? You can make a display on their computer screen, or leave fun messages for them to find in their space.

Did you find this post helpful and get some ideas to show love to your birthday bestie? Share this post with your work friends and get to planning a great surprise! You can also find more great birthday ideas at Craze Events.

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