5 Cool Ways to Decorate Your Event With Polaroids

Polaroids are a super fun and trendy way to add a personal touch to any event. Here’s a list of our top 5 favorite ways to decorate with polaroids at your upcoming events.

  1. Guest book

    Guest books are a mainstay at several events–from weddings to baby showers. Set out a polaroid camera at your event and let your guests include a quick in the moment snap of themselves to mark your special day. Emmaline Bride provides a fantastic instructional guide to DIY-ing your polaroid guest book.
  2. Balloons

    Polaroid balloons are perfect for literally every event. Nothing is more festive than balloons! Adding polaroids to the end of your balloon decor will amplify your personal creativity and impress all of your guests. Look to Olive Dragonfly for more inspiration.
  3. Cake topper

    A personalized polaroid topper will be the icing on your cake. This DIY cake topper is a beautiful element that will take your cake above and beyond. Instructions for this topper, a magical element for any celebration, can be found here.
  4. Place cards

    Add polaroid flair to your event seating with this detail from Style Me Pretty. Simply pin your seating arrangement and let your guests replace their cards with a polaroid of themselves enjoying your celebration. An entertaining spin on an often disliked aspect of event attendance.
  5. Heart wall decor

    Add a little extra love to your wedding or a future Valentine’s Day celebration with this heart collage from Tracey Tilley. This is such a beautiful way to incorporate your individuality into your upcoming event.

Express your unique spirit and provide a wonderfully personal detail with these delightful polaroid decor concepts. Your family and friends will definitely appreciate these clever additions to your celebration. Share this post with your event planning friends so they can get the scoop on these cool decor additions.

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