5 Tips to Help You Hire a Live Band for Your Next Event

Whether you’re planning your wedding reception, a company event, or a huge birthday bash, one thing is for sure; if you have a live band playing, it will be a heck of a party! But where do you start? Here are our 5 tips when it comes to hiring a band.

  1. Set your budget first

    It’s important to know what you can spend before you start contacting musicians. If you go into negotiations before you have a set amount in mind, it will be really easy to spend more than you can afford on entertainment, which will mean cutting things elsewhere.
  2. Know your crowd

    While music itself is universal, genres aren’t always. If you’re throwing a party for millennials, then go ahead and hire that trendy indie rock band or the hip-hop group you love. However, if you’re planning a corporate launch party and your boss requested live music, we’re guessing they weren’t thinking indie rock or hip-hop.
  3. Look on social media for fresh artists

    Searching on social media for bands is a great way to find new bands with fresh talent. Besides being able to say you discovered them before they made it big, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by hiring a lesser-known band then you would if you hired a band with more fame.
  4. Sign a contract

    If you find a band you love and you’ve successfully agreed upon a price for their performance, make sure you have a contract ready and signed as soon as possible. We would love to say a verbal agreement is enough to seal the deal, but sadly, it just isn’t. Contracts are great for highlighting important times, dates and expectations, and for keeping all parties accountable.
  5. Have all details arranged before the event

    Don’t wait until the day before the event to tell the band what time to be the venue, how long their set list should be, or how formal the event is. As soon as you know these things, make sure you tell them. If possible, have these details decided ahead of time so that they can all be included in the contract that will be signed by you and your hired musicians.

Live music is the perfect addition to any event. Your guests will love the energy and entertainment that the band will provide the party with, and you’ll love that satisfaction you’ll get when you see how much fun everyone is having.

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