3 Romantic Gifts for Your Newlywed Friends

Aren’t newlyweds the cutest? If you’re trying to think of gift ideas for a newly married couple, we at Craze have some sweet suggestions for you.

  1. Netflix and chill

    Sometimes the best date nights are the ones spent snuggling at home. Buy a Netflix (or other streaming service) gift certificate and put together a little basket with snacks, drinks, and maybe even a soft throw blanket for cuddling. You’ll be shocked how excited they will be when they open this gift.
  2. Adventure date

    Give the gift of an amazing memory! We love the idea of giving an adventure date. Look up some things within a reasonable distance from the couple and call to either book a reservation or buy a gift card. Zip-lining, guided hikes, snorkeling and paddle-boarding are some of our favorite ideas.
  3. Cooking class

    This gift idea will get them using all five of their senses. Cooking classes are fun, educational, and might even be a little sensual depending on the environment. Either way, this is a fantastic present!

The beginning of a marriage is the perfect time to continue getting to know each other and deepen the relationship. With your thoughtful gift, they’ll get to do just that! Share this post so that everyone you know can get some fun gift ideas for the newlyweds in their lives too!

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