Spring Into Spring With These Prep Tips!

Spring is upon us—are you ready? We have made a list of things you can do right now to prepare yourself for the warmer weather, so you can be ready to spring into spring!

  1. Plant seeds
    Spring into Spring
    Plant some flower seeds, plant some herbs, plant some veggie seeds, and start getting your garden ready! By time spring rolls around, you should start to see some sprouting. Not sure when to plant what? Take a look at this plant calendar that tells you what to plant each month.
  2. Get your body out of hibernation
    Spring into Spring
    It’s been a long, cold winter. As we lose our winter layers, we need to get ourselves prepared for warmer weather. Enjoy the sunshine, but remember to respect your skin with some SPF moisturizing lotion. Get your feet out of those boots and treat yourself to a pedicure. Make sure all those winter stubbles are off your legs and get a nice body scrub to make your skin look extra smooth. One of our favorite body scrubs is found at Ultacheck it out!
  3. Organize your wardrobe
    Spring into Spring
    Start pulling your spring/summer clothes forward and begin storing your winter clothes. You could even go an extra step by going through your entire wardrobe and donating some items that you aren’t loving anymore.
  4. Spring cleaning?
    Spring into Spring
    Why wait for spring to start cleaning? We do not know about you all, but once that warm weather gets here we want to be outside! Start cleaning and decluttering your home now, so you can soak in the sunshine come March/April.
  5. Prep your yard
    Spring into Spring
    Before you start prepping your yard for spring, make sure the snow is done for the season. Once you know that it is for sure, follow this step-by-step guide to get the healthiest, greenest yard on the block!

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