Memorial Day Celebrations

Memorial Day Celebrations

Like the 4th of July, Memorial Day is a big day of celebration for Americans. More than a day off work, it is a day honoring our nations’ servicemen and women who died serving our country. We do this by the display of flags, parades, and outdoor parties. We shoot off fireworks, have cookouts, and display our best red, white, and blue. For this upcoming long weekend, here are our tips for having the best Memorial Day possible with your friends and family.

  1. Good eats
    Memorial Day Celebrations
    Food is at the core of what brings friends and families together—what better way to celebrate Memorial Day then by having delicious food! Take a spin on the traditional BBQ by making these flavorful BBQ Ranch Chicken Wraps by Lemon Tree Dwelling. They are bound to be a crowd-pleaser!
  2. Tasty drinks
    Memorial Day Celebrations

    No outdoor party is complete without a few delicious cocktails on the menu. Our mouths are watering over this Strawberry Satsuma Champagne Sangria from our Boozy Beverages Channel. It is a perfect addition to the weekends’ gathering.
  3. Festive decor
    Memorial Day Celebrations
    Themed decor make for a fun and festive way to celebrate the holidays. We love this red, white, and blue theme from Celebrations at Home. Check it out here.

In case this upcoming holiday weekend has snuck up on you, head over to Craze Events for more celebration inspiration! Use these ideas to help you get started on your long weekend fun.

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