Craze’s Event Trendsetter of the Month: June

Craze's Event Trendsetter of the Month: Lauren's Latest

We love featuring different trendsetters here at Craze. Without further ado, we welcome our trendsetter for the month of June: Lauren’s Latest
Craze's Event Trendsetter of the Month: Lauren's Latest

Lauren is the creator behind Lauren’s Latest. She is a mother of three, a wife, a foodie, and a traveler. On her blog she shares new recipes, places she has traveled to, restaurants she likes, and some milestones she goes through with her family. Her husband, Gordon, is actually the one who started this blog for Lauren. It stemmed from a class he was taking. We are so thankful he did, because Lauren’s Latest is a treasure. She lets us into her life sharing things we can relate to. The super delicious recipes are just a bonus!

Her site has three main channels: Family, Travel, and Food. There isn’t much more we can say about her that she can’t show you, so check it out for yourself. Lauren’s Latest will quickly become one your favorite bloggers, too!


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