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Get Bikini Ready for Summer

Get Bikini Ready for Summer

It is almost time to throw on your itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, yellow polka dot bikini, also known as bathing suit season! Check out these exercises from some of our favorite Trendsetters who will help you get bikini ready for summer!

  1. Bikini Kettle Band Workout
    Get Bikini Ready for Spring Break
    From one of our featured Trendsetters, Tone It Up, this body blasting workout targets your arms, booty, and core! This workout includes a video and a step by step guide to getting your body bikini ready. All you need is a kettle bell and an elastic workout band, check it out, here.
  2. Diamond Abs Workout
    Get Bikini Ready for Spring Break
    Fit Girl’s Diary is another Trendsetter we love. As bikini season approaches, the more core workouts we might do to get our bod bathing suit ready. Here is a collection of the best ab exercises to get a nice flat tummy just in time for summer.
  3. Total Body Bootcamp
    Get Bikini Ready for Spring Break
    This bikini body challenge focuses on your arms, abs, and booty. All you need is a mat and a set of dumbbells! Super Sister Fitness takes your body to a whole new level with their step by step routine, check it out!
  4. Fat Blasting Routine Get Bikini Ready for Spring Break
    We think it is safe to say that everyone is looking to get rid of that extra belly fat right before having to put on a bathing suit. Skinny Ms. shares a total body fat blasting routine that will help shed inches for that bikini, all you need are light dumbbells.
  5. Outdoor Spring Workout
    Get Bikini Ready for Spring Break
    Now that the weather is warming up, what better way to exercise for summer than to be soaking up the sunshine? Try out this Outdoor Bodyweight Spring Workout that will have you tightening and toning with just the weight of your body. Sarah Fit even includes an easy video tutorial to follow. Take a look!

If you love these bikini body workouts, share them with your fitness loving friends! You can also visit Craze Fitness for more workouts!

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